Who is The Integrator?

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The mere mention of disconnection evokes thoughts of seclusion, lacklustre relations and of course, the dreaded situation of being offline at the worst time.

In business strategy and organisation terms, it points to the opposite of what it takes to make a brand thrive in the 21st century: Omnichannel, multiplatform, customer-empowered and user-centric; integration across media, channels and disciplines. All of which are often discussed, but seldom practised to their full potential, especially when the integration has to happen across different organisations and industry skillsets.

Luckily, there is a solution, and it just might be sitting right beside you.

It is that person that is the natural, or trained, integrator. Someone who builds connections across divisions and organisations and is the champion of collaboration between people and convergence of skills.

Someone who is open-minded and opens minds to new possibilities and connections. Someone who can make multidisciplinary teams work together as one interdisciplinary team by being inclusive and inspired by what others can bring to the table.

Perhaps that person is you, or maybe you aspire to be that person?

Are you disconnected?


With so many crossover and hybrid concepts being introduced, whether it is to innovate attractions, brand experiences or the retail industry forward, change in ways of working is inevitable.

As an example, at AdventureLAB we are absolutely convinced that retail, tourism and municipalities need to come together and find common ground for each of these parties to benefit as part of an integrated destination that will accommodate both visitors and residents. Each has some inherent differences, but certainly, also shared goals and values - even if they have not been able to phrase them or put them down in writing yet.

It is in borderlands like these where the integrator shines and proves valuable again and again. She or he has the capability of not only defining a shared mission and vision but also making the intangible tangible and practical.

New initiatives are not only discussed.

Should they be assessed to be fulfilling a purpose and potential, they are taken from thought to action by a customised, collaborating team. A collaboration which in itself is part of an ongoing integration across organisations and disciplines.

Do you have an integrator in your midst? Someone who is not confined by specific training or a particular area of expertise, but can bring people together in unison for a higher purpose.

If not, the increasing need for integration and innovation dictates that it is high time to find your integrator.