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Having founded, produced and administered five London Pub Theatres (between ). I built the structures, scheduled, trafficked and administered productions in and out of the theatre. I also directed a couple of dozen plays as Artistic Director during this time.

Subsequently, working at London Weekend Television, I gained valuable experience in scheduling and trafficking hundreds of ENG Transfers of field tapes to other formats as standards conversions so that everyone involved could get the tapes they required, when they required them.

I have also taught a variety of different disciplines (Digital Film Production, Documentary Film-Making, Screenwriting, Film Acting, Drama and others) over the years, first at Studio 68 of Theatre Arts London, where I taught Radio Production and eventually becoming its Director. Then at the London Academy of Media Film & TV () where I taught Film-Making, TV Production, Scriptwriting and Acting, eventually becoming a Board Member in 2005.

I taught Documentary TV at AWS University in Surabaya Indonesia (2007/8) whilst working remotely as Creative Director for Sync Films for nearly 10 years (2007).

I started Media Courses in 2016 where I designed, planned and ran a variety of different media courses. I personally taught film lighting and acting for the camera.

In 2004/5, I spent a year working for the Shanghai Development Corporation developing an HD editing facility for Shanghai TV. I helped to develop two Chinese movies and was involved in writing one of them, Hong He (Red River) for ZhangJiaRui.

I translated Aristotle On Poetics from the original into a modern readable rendition published twice: once in soft-back and once in hard back.

As a Studio Manager, I have done similar jobs before where I am responsible for meeting and greeting clients and selling studio time and facilities, such as at CineStudio in NYC (1990) where Woody Allen used to film. Whilst there, I was also asked to direct several MTV music videos for Warner Communications. (Yo MTV Raps) for Producer Debra Bolling).

Have also worked at an advertising agency (2001) previously in three capacities. 1) I was employed as the Marketing Manager and 2) asked to create Cross Track Projections content as part of a London Underground initiative. I've always been happy doing diverse jobs in an agency. During my time officially as Marketing Manager, 3) I also collaborated on design and helped promote several events through PR using mostly press releases and telephone marketing.

Having read between the lines of your job requirements, I think I'd be your ideal candidate for the role since I consider that I am primarily a visionary and a visualiser having majored in Communication Design Techniques at UEL and attended Drama Schools. These covered most work aspects of an advertising agency or production company plus other elements, such as, having the capacity to evolve and develop the concept of London Underground's Cross Track Projections into a workable content presentation across platforms. XTPs are now standard advertising features on the London Tube.

Over the years, I have directed and or produced scores of projects:- videos, films and short theatricals etc. Am one of the founder members of the Directors Guild of Great Britain in 1996/7. Was Chairman of the Producers & Director's Branch Sub-Division of BECTU (1996) but found that new technologies were deliberately being blocked by the Union's NEC and was forced to resign in protest.

If you think I'd be a valuable asset to your team, I would be available for an interview at short notice, since I'm not currently working on anything, and wouldn't need time to make arrangements.

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