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I would class myself as a creative strategist as I love creating and I love interpreting data and turning it into something meaningful. I use words to describe my undying infatuation for data and pie charts to show how much praise I have for the written word.

I wouldn't consider myself the prodigal son of advertising, actually I'm far from it but what I am is someone who can look at themselves and their work and rework it ten times over until its right. I'll ask questions and tattoo advice to my forearms because I'm not one to turn down a free lesson...or meal. My work won't be perfect the first time, no one's is but if I had to say so myself I'm very good at micro-managing myself and my work and like this email my first draft will never be my last and my last draft may not even reassemble the first, but it will be perfect.

I've learnt to be myself and think in my own way as I'd rather be able to do something no one else can than do something a million other people can do...well except if they taught themselves to fly because that would be pretty awesome!


Copywriting, Creative Direction, Strategy Planning

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