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The trailer for the 5 part TV series commissioned by Animal Planet, following Jonathan and Angela Scott in the Masai Mara. The show is groundbreaking in what is captured on film in the natural habitat of the wildlife of the region and is expertly filmed, crafted and scored.

Adam wrote the original score for the series, and the trailer which you see here.

The trailer was uniquely edited along side the composition rather than before or after, in a communicative and creative way. Ideas were collaboratively discussed about what would be highlighted, the timings of cuts and where and what action would unfold when. Animal Planet had a very prescriptive length for the promo, and we wanted to make sure that the trailer was structurally sound within that allotted time.

The director asked that Adam to compose a piece of music that welcomes you into the sound of Africa, invites you into the majesty and epic scenery of the region, and the regal and fierce strength of the animals, and then bursts into action in the life or death reality of nature itself.

At the end of the day, the trailer is the biggest advertisement to viewers and it needs to make the viewer want to watch the show, and in this case, it certainly does.

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