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Company – creates app-powered lifestyle accessories & content creation tools for the connected generation

Design/Marketing/Logistics Challenges
Elgato was attending CES for the second time, but its booth size had more than doubled.
None of Elgato’s previous custom properties could be used in the new space.
The critical challenge was to show the breadth of products Elgato offers for the connected home.
This Germany-based company had a preconceived idea of the booth layout, but we quickly realized that idea would not work due to a show hall column and sprinkler location within the booth.
Multiple areas were requested by the client for semi-private meetings and demonstrations.
Ample storage was required to hold all of the equipment and computers needed to run the demonstrations.
In order to make the booth affordable, rental system walls were combined with new, rear-lit fabric graphics and rental hanging fabric signs.
The solution to displaying the products for a connected home was to create and stage three vignettes in the front of the booth that showcased Elgato’s products, controlled by Siri, being used in several typical areas of a home: the foyer, the living room and the kitchen.
To create a sense of a home environment and to keep the booth within budget, we replaced the client-suggested ceiling tiles (too heavy!) with a large Moss fabric ceiling and integrated recessed lights into the bottom of the fabric structure. The result was a lightweight ceiling that was easy to install and had the clean lines envisioned in the original design.
Each of the product demonstrations and dynamic overhead lighting effects were separately controlled via Bluetooth, using Siri on iPads, iPhone and Apple Watches.
Three semi-private meeting/demo areas were created in the rear of the booth using rental system walls and translucent fabric graphics.
A large storage room was built using rental system walls that were then clad with a large printed mural.

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