Learn what it truly means to be a ‘Designer’ with UK’s leading digital company Academy Class, and take the learning path towards graphic excellence in fulfilling industry and career choices.

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Open up your industry avenues with the help of UK’s leading digital agency Academy Class and their Designers Creative Licence course training.

This is the perfect fit for any aspiring graphic designer looking to fulfil their dream job and the possibilities are endless.

Find yourself a career as an advertising art director, an animator, creative director, graphic designer, illustrator, printmaker, production designer, or even work in television and film when you begin to unleash your creativity with UK’s leading digital media company.

 “The demand for graphic designers is always continuing to rise. Someone’s creative ability to create visually stimulating images is something that is now highly sought after,” says Academy Class CEO Mark Young.

The Designers Creative licence course is a training schedule culminated of the premier Adobe Software services Academy Class teach:  InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

This certification will allow any professional or aspiring graphic designer to differentiate themselves and their business quality from competitors, guarantee recognition of CV, both attract and win new business and develop further recognition from your own employer.

“There is truly only one requirement to becoming a graphic designer and that is creativity,” explains Mark.

“Of course a knowledge of software, web design skill and good communication are all key but these things can be mentored and taught. Creativity first and foremost must be abundant.”

Besides the industries mentioned above furthering your graphic design career as a professional has never been easier than with Academy Class.

The Designers Creative Licence course is perfect for already qualified professionals such as architects, production managers, marketing, small business owners, web designers and many other lines of work. 

Whether you are looking to improve your current position as a graphic designer or begin your journey into a creative industry and require a starting point, Academy Class cannot be overlooked.

With a guarantee of learning quality and a real world application of the course content you are taught the learning path towards success in your chosen industry has never been easier to obtain.


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