Do you work in construction, civil service, shipbuilding, engineering or manufacturing? Set your goals for the New Year with Academy Class and become the CAD visualiser your company needs.

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Advance in your field of construction, engineering, manufacturing and even shipbuilding with UK’s leading digital media training company Academy Class and their computer aided drawing (CAD) certified courses.

You will learn all the skills and tools needed to become a premier CAD visualiser. Even starting as a beginner; this course turns you from zero to hero!

By training with Academy Class and their AutoCAD courses, you are ensuring you are learning the industry-specific ways to perform at the top level for your company.

“Our courses are helping professionals get the advantages they need to finish projects quickly, efficiently and within budget,” says Academy Class owner Mark Young, “you can also retake the course for free if you need a refresher, as long as it is within 18 months.

AutoCAD will help with speed, precision and control, reduced lead times, and also scenario visualisation to make sure everything is being done right,” adds Mark.

The ability to use a CAD application is a craft that companies working in construction and engineering almost certainly require nowadays.

Your knowledge of AutoCAD will come into play will come into play with many job specific applications, such as 3D printing, furniture design, building, developing architectural pieces and more.

“AutoCAD is the premier software used in 2D drawing/3D modelling and all other CAD software applications are modelled after its interface,” Mark explains.

With the New Year upon us people should be looking at how they can advance in their careers as of right now.

Whether you work in the field of architecture, engineering, construction, or project management; an understanding of computer aided design is guaranteed to give you the edge you desire for increased wage and mobility to better company roles.

Unleash your creativity with Academy Class and begin a course perfect for those who would like their AutoCAD experience to be proven with an official certification from Autodesk, as well as the proven ability to work towards better roles in their industry.


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