Are you an Entrepreneur in waiting? Unleash your creativity and equip yourself with a certified Creative Licence with Academy Class.

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Unlock your potential and most importantly unleash your creativity with the help of UK’s leading digital media training company Academy Class.

Academy Class is giving their clients an unmatched creative boost with their certified creative licences which showcase their premier training in all creative areas across the board for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to change the landscape of digital media.

“Our creative licences allow our clients to narrow their focus into an area they are determined to excel within. Our job from there is to equip them with all the necessary courses and training applicable to that creative licence,” say Academy Class owner Mark Young.

“We have no shortage of specialised areas. All you have to do is pick where you want to go, and we do the rest,” Mark adds.

These specialised areas include: Video Production, Video Effects, 3D Animator, Interior Designer, Creative Designer, Web Developer, E-Learning and Interactive Designer as well as many others.

By using the most relevant Adobe and Autodesk Ceritified courses such as Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, 3ds Max, AutoCAD and many other valuable courses you are taking the correct steps towards unlocking your true entrepreneurial nature.

So how can Academy Class and their certified Creative Licence’s jumpstart you as an entrepreneur?

Mark explains:

“As a society every day we are changing the digital landscape with no indication of this trend slowing down anytime soon. It happens overnight where new creations are born every day in the digital world. Some stick around for years while others quickly burnout. However, marketers and entrepreneurs alike are always looking for the next big things you just need the right tools to get started.”

These ‘rights tools’ come in the form of premier training best known to Academy Class and their extensive range of training so that specifics are met and you know exactly where you want to go professionally with your training.

Become the next digital media entrepreneur now and capitalise on the unique offering of an Academy Class Creative Licence. This is guaranteed to unleash your creativity and help you begin to excel with your newly found ingenuity.


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