Creativepool Affiliates

As an affiliate of Creativepool you can begin earning money immediately.

1. Start referring

Contact us with the details of someone with a recruitment need and should they decide to recruit through us we'll compensate you.

Include details of the company, the role and the contact with the recruitment need and we'll do the rest.

2. Buttons and badges

Upload links to Creativepool in the form of buttons and banners to your own site. Each time someone follows a link from your site to Creativepool and makes a purchase we will pay a fee.

3. Post Creativepool jobs

Placing our jobs on your website is a great way for you to add relevant and targeted content onto your own site. Every time a user of your site posts a job on Creativepool, we'll compensate you.

How can I apply?

For details on becoming a Creativepool affiliate, please contact us. We will send you full details including rates, statistics and an application form.