RCS advertising opened its doors 20 years ago and has metamorphosed into a globally unique offering, helping clients identify, understand and optimise cultural differences. This new direction demanded an innovative identity to be developed.

WMH helped define RCS’s core values – insightfulness, collaboration and diplomacy – and these in turn aided in shaping their new look. We also brought to life the simple truth that RCS helps clients navigate foreign waters (because different cultures recognise and understand messages differently) and we used this insight to inform all the communications.

The identity was principally built around a globe because RCS deals in global differences. It’s a cultural maze out there, so the ‘globe’ was fine-tuned to reflect this and a magenta ‘dot’ was created at the very core, to represent RCS – a point of consistency in unfamiliar territory. The new identity and marketing collateral is a huge departure from the usual business look and feel and since its induction, has made waves in markets all around the globe.

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