56 million passengers travel through London Bridge station each year, making it the UK’s fourth busiest station. An eight-year-long renovation was completed, including a new vast concourse. Network Rail came to WMH to create a campaign that should celebrate coming to the end of many years of disruptive travel for many passengers, but also applaud the achievement of re-opening the station on time. In addition to this it should also warn station visitors that there are still some disruptions to come throughout 2018, but that the end is in sight.

To thank travellers for their patience while the work has been going on and appreciate that travelling through London Bridge has been difficult for many years. WMH’s campaign focuses on the positive and provide travellers an idea of what is coming. WMH humanised the construction works – changing signs of inconvenience into signs of positive change. Highlighting the advantages that this newly renovated station will bring. WMH summarised the proposition as: Reimagined. Rebuilt. Reopened.

A simple campaign using orange bricks that build some of the key benefits of the upgraded station with a witty tone of voice. As a government body, Network Rail always has an authoritative voice, but needs to get consumers excited about the finalisation and subsequent ‘reopening’ of the station. This campaign went beyond just being informative; it was empathetic, reassuring but also celebratory and upbeat.

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