‘Bærbar’ means ‘portable’ in Norwegian, but if the word is split up, ‘Bær Bar’ means ‘Berry Bar’. A fitting pun for a Nordic startup that opened a juice café in Tromsø, Norway. They came to WMH with ambitions to launch health brand of juices and fruit powders initially marketed across the Nordic region, but with plans for global expansion.

Grown in Norway’s arctic circle, Bærbar’s wildberries are nutritionally rich and full of intense flavour thanks to being naturally ripened over the Arctic Summer. By soaking in 24 hours of sunlight every day over two months, these berries are literally powered by the artic sun. To put it simply; “Bærbar is full of sunshine”.

The bright identity communicates the product’s properties and their unique relationship with the sun. Striking solar iconography make berries beam of the labels, posters and menus. Taking inspiration from the polar skies and its Northern Lights, the colourful and distinctive backgrounds bring life and colour to the identity whilst ensuring standout in store. A touch of golden sunshine provides an element of sophistication to ensure the brand’s premium position.

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