BBC World News and bbc . com were great advertising platforms for premium car brands who wanted to achieve global reach. And we had the facts and figures to back this up. But how could we deliver our ‘sales pitch’ to top decision makers in an exciting and engaging format that wouldn’t be ignored?

We used a simple insight - all car brands really understand the importance of a test drive, so we sent CEOs and Advertising Managers a personalised ‘Test Drive Video Pack’.


The video pack was high-end, reflecting the premium nature of the BBC and its audience. On opening the stylish box, the recipient discovered a bespoke USB key in the exact style of one of their own brand’s car keys.

The recipient was instructed to ‘Start their engine’ and as soon as they inserted the key into the ignition slot, their personalised test drive video automatically played through the built-in screen and speakers.

The audience’s test drive took them on a fast-paced tour of the BBC’s commercial platforms. We used traffic signs, road markings, flyover bridges and hoardings to deliver the key facts and figures in a simple and easily digestible format. In a couple of minutes, our audience was left in no doubt that the BBC advertising platforms were the perfect environment for their brand.

The test drive ended with a clear call to action, that was also replicated in the enclosed letter.


It’s early days. Packs have been sent out to the first two major car brands, so we are not able to track ROI yet.

However, the team are currently following up with recipients and the initial response has been very positive. For example, one recipient immediately contacted the BBC Ad Sales Team to find out more - starting exactly the type of conversation the campaign set out to achieve.

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