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The Public Service Commission (PSC) is the NSW public sector’s partner in developing a world-class workforce. Its ambition is to create a contemporary, diverse, inclusive and highly capable public sector.
A key PSC initiative is the NSW Government Graduate Program, designed to attract graduates to public service. It offers competitive salaries, support in post-graduate study, mentoring and networking opportunities, and a permanent role upon completing the Program.
Applications for the 2023 NSW Government Graduate Program opened in July 2022. The PSC required a suite of content to attract potential candidates to the Program and explain its benefits in detail.
Our challenge was to showcase one choice and endless opportunities across five streams – the primary stream, with an array of areas of study available, and the specialist areas of legal, digital, social work and engineering.
Our first step was developing a campaign concept as a foundation for all elements of the Program’s marketing. Building on the creative of previous campaigns since inception in 2016, the concept needed to be flexible and carry messaging consistently across video, print and digital iterations.
A design concept titled The Guiding Arch is used as a symbol to represent the core purpose of the Graduate Program. It is solid on one side, then divides into five individual strands on the other, showcasing the five areas of study available. The strands flow through the creative as a graphic device, highlighting the endless opportunities that come from one choice. Stepping through The Guiding Arch into a professional future, the design represents new prospects and beginnings for students.
Design is carefully presented in PSC’s sunny colour palette of blue and yellow, as part of the NSW Government’s overarching brand guidelines.

Video and Photography
A 60-second animated hero video clearly spells out the Program’s scope and benefits. The five strands are continued through the video, each highlighting one of the streams.
Five separate videos each showcase a stream, featuring graduates from the 2022 Program telling their stories and sharing their authentic experiences. By incorporating real people, videos increase the Program’s appeal — making testimonials as honest and relatable as possible.
Videos were shot on location in Coffs Harbour and Wagga Wagga. Over three days, our visual media team covered 2,000 km and spent 20 hours on the road. At each location, the team had to quickly identify a location to film the interviews and help real graduates deliver their experience of the NSW Graduate Program to camera with confidence and passion.
Animated video content was developed by our design team to keep it on-brand, before being brought to life by our animators. Animated assets are utilised across all videos to maintain thematic cohesion.

Social media assets, including carousels and video cutdowns, follow the campaign design and describe the scope and benefits of the Program in a clear, simple way. Content includes frequently asked questions, featured portraits of the 2022 Program participants, and a strong call to action for graduates to apply.
On-brand printed materials, for use at campus information days and PSC events, promote the 2023 Program in general, as a whole, and individually across the streams.
The suite of creative assets extends PSC’s ability to execute a marketing campaign that successfully attracts candidates for its Program.

"The Being Group was amazing to work with. They took the time to listen and truly understand our brief. They are professional and creative individuals who produced a high-quality visual identify update for our Graduate Program campaign. Our new brand assets look incredible, which highlights the pride they take in the work they do behind the scenes. We look forward to working with The Being Group for future campaigns!"
Michelle McShane and Anita Hawtin, Advisor and Strategic Talent Acquisition Leader, NSW Government Graduate Program


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