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The African hospitality group Mangalis Management decided
to complete its existing offer (upscale: Noom, midscale: Seen)
with a low-cost proposal (the hotel brand name was already
defined: Yaas). Budget is often seen as the no-choice.
How then to reinvent the budget hotel category? FutureBrand
was asked to position the new hotel brand, create its identity,
work closely with the architects to imagine together the look
& feel of the hotel and define the brand guidelines.

Budget category is no longer what it used to be.
Low cost hospitality players build their positioning on design,
connectivity, sustainability…yet, hotels all look the same.
The idea was not to choose between design and connectivity,
price and convenience, but to make people visit Yaas because
of a state of mind.

Moving from low cost hospitality to smart economy hospitality.
It simply means Yaas is not a budget hotel: it is a smart hotel,
with an optimistic mindset. Smart because Yaas takes the fuss
out of hotel service and simply offers to its guests what they need,
when they need it. Optimistic because Yaas values its African joie
de vivre and spontaneity. Staying at Yaas is basically as simple
as a search on Google.

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