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The Challenge
In January 2015, Orchestre de Paris, a French symphonic orchestra moves to the Philharmonie de Paris, the new biggest architectural temple dedicated to classical music, designed by Jean Nouvel. Moving from Salle Pleyel in the 17th district to the Philharmonie de Paris in the 19th was the perfect opportunity for Orchestre de Paris to reinvent itself.

In this context the mission of FutureBrand Paris was to accompany Orchestre de Paris in its changes and help them to consider new perspectives to meet the challenge: how to fight against all the prejudices that exist speaking about classical music and create a new way of approaching it to recruit new audiences?

The solution

Making Orchestre de Paris the one who reinvents and defines the cultural sector of the classical music.
How we did it?

Positioning Orchestre de Paris as a brand who has something to tell, who stands up for its passion for the classical music: a music not so difficult to approach which speaks to our heart and let us dive into an immersive experience with the musicians;

Bringing the brand singularity back to the heart of Orchestre de Paris, meaning building on the parisian spirit and making Orchestre de Paris become the spokesperson of it;

Reinforcing the brand impact and attribution by creating a strong brand from its general attributes (new logotype, creation of a proprietary typeface, graphic codes) to all its communication tools (publications, website, adverts, stationery…).


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