Neuhaus: reinventing the timelessness of the brand

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The emblematic and historic Belgian chocolate brand recently opened their new boutique in Berlin revealing a whole new retail concept and visual identity that embodies the brand’s new positioning: the Neuhaus “World of Wonder”.
This fantastic transformation has been conducted hand-in-hand with FutureBrand Paris to rediscover and bring to life a one-of-a-kind visual territory and shopping experience to reconnect Neuhaus to its beloved customers.
Focusing on the brands history and the story of its founder Jean Neuhaus, who started out in life as a pharmacist, FutureBrand were able to create a modern and marvellous re-interpretation of the brands iconic Brussels store re-using its architectural codes and accompanying consumers through a customer journey punctuated by different parts of the Jean Neuhaus story of pioneering invention. The retail concept and visual identity bring a modern feel to the Neuhaus brand and pay a delicious tribute to the praline creator by reinventing its timeless icons and history.
FutureBrand Paris is very proud to have had the opportunity of working towards Neuhaus’ future and to have been part of this great project which is a perfect showcase of the brand’s strong sense of creativity, generosity and its devotion to craftsmanship.




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