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The power of great design in your own portfolio...

Nicky joined Stopgap and the creative team here in April 2018 to work alongside Shannon and grow our creative client business and build a great candidate pool of talent. After 12 years in recruitment, and with many of those spent in creative recruitment, they have both seen thousands of creative CVs and folios and picked up some good insights as to what our clients look for in a CV and portfolio. We always ask clients what they like to see when we take their brief. Of course every person and every role is different but there are some common themes.

The CV & Folio Advice PDF explains our thoughts on the impact that your CV and folio need to make and the importance of tailoring your work and making it look it's absolute best. No fancy flourishes, just well-curated and well laid out.

If you would like to discuss your own work and job search please get in touch.

Nicky Pearson - Senior recruitment consultant - Creative and Design [email protected] 020 8334 1467



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