Serbia has the highest breast cancer mortality rate in Europe. Self-examination is key for diagnosing breast cancer on time. But most Serbian women don't know how to perform it, and won’t talk about it because of superstition that talking about bad things attracts them. So instead of talking, we helped women learn by touching something they touch all the time - their mobile phone touchscreen. We created a unique algorithm that translates movements of the self-examination into touches of the touchscreen.
During Breast Cancer Awareness Week we used this algorithm to “lock” hundreds of Wifi hot-spots that Serbians still use heavily. To “unlock” free Wifi, women had to perform the moves and learned about self-examination directly on their phone. Message spread even further when third largest mobile operator in Serbia, Vip (part of A1 Telekom Austria Group), joined the action and used our algorithm to via SMS turn phones of 1.100.000 customers into self examination tools.
Estimated free media reach of the campaign was 4.000.000 people, with influencers, athletes and celebrities joining to support the cause.
Via Vip mobile network we spread our algorithm to mobile phones of more than 1.100.000 users.
The app achieved more than 150.000 completed interactions by unique users. During the total of 2 weeks activation, the Breast Cancer Awareness Hub received more visits than in previous 10 years combined.

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