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Puppet maker for TV and Film. Our company makes custom puppets for a variety of media applications; from the next Television production to an advertising commercial. The studio has a team of skilled Puppet Makers, who are capable at designing a character concept and following the design through to the construction and fabrication process of custom made puppets. The focus of our studio lies within designing and constructing puppets with the puppeteers requirements in mind. As well as making aesthetically pleasing works, the puppets must also move and operate properly, to ensure correct manipulation and the best performance.

For these reasons, we look for puppet makers and concept artists who have an interest and skill in art for performance. Behind our characters naive, innocent exteriors, can often be a complex sculpt or animatronic. The artists we work with understand this fascinating trait of puppetry and strive to make only the best work possible.



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Design, Film (Feature), Film (Short / Documentary)


TMT Media Awards - Best HD Puppet Design and Creation


Disney Maker Studios, ITV, Ministry of Sound, The Sun, Zodiak Media

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