P&G had engaged George Clarke as a face of homecare, and needed to utilise him on the mums' platform Supersavvyme before his contract ran out – which would be just one month after they engaged us on the project. We would have access to George Clarke himself for one day only. Oh, and he would not be pictured holding or endorse the product. No pressure.

The concept was 'George Clarke's Guide to Clutter-Free Spaces', which played to his Channel 5 Amazing Spaces brand without overtly referencing it, and avoided connecting him directly with cleaning products in a way that would damage his brand and undermine the campaign's appeal.

Three films, six articles, a home page, a solus email, a series of banners, social prompts and a contract extension later, and we had a user journey that prompted 50% trial of the product, and was scaled out to Victoria, Supersavvyme's sister website for the over-50s.



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