Martini is enjoyed by people across Europe, particularly in the summertime when the weather is good and the days are longer. But how would Martini manage to continue to reach all these customers as winter arrived and the days drew colder and shorter?

Martini is traditionally enjoyed during summer evenings between 5-7pm, aperitivo time. So our challenge was to keep Martini relevant to millennials across Europe when the clocks went back in the autumn.

So we turned to social media and, using Martini’s Facebook Messenger, created the world’s first ever emoji fluent DJ Chat Bot.

By asking followers to sum up their summer using the universal language of emojis, the bot was then able to provide each user with a unique personalised Spotify playlist with the intention that they could keep that summer, and aperitivo, feeling going all through the winter.

The DJ bot went live across the globe for three days. 2 Facebook posts. 3 nights. 5 languages. 6 countries. 1 million engagements for €35k. That’s 40% more efficient with a 73% increase in audience engagement on the brand average. It was also named one of the Top 10 Customer Engagement Ads of 2016 by Campaign.


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