Paolo D'Ippolito Industrial Designer, communication responsible


Prometeo is a multipurpose and multilevel coffee table.
A cube is in a space dug up and seems to have been removed from the hole at the other side of the shelf.
These three elements provide various additional features: riser, vase or container for the "cube", the excavated space can be used as coin tray, while the hole can become a vase or glove compartment (bottles, magazines, plants ...).
The possible positions of the accessory are different and can create a new image of the table each time.
This coffee table is realized in Adamantx®, an innovative, light and strong material for furniture.
Prometeo is part of the Titans trilogy.

Date created: May 2014 2014-05-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 8 January 2021 2021-01-08T11:00:28+0000


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