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Summer finally arrived in 2016 and with it came the launch of Sudocrem’s 6 week long Summer Sports
Day Facebook gamification campaign. Our challenge was to conceptualise, design and develop a Facebook campaign that was relevant to ‘family summertime’, driving extensive reach and engagement, whilst seeding the key message around product/brand relevance directly to mums – our key demographic.

Entrants were tasked with completing three classic sports day
challenges (Gremlin Run, Space Hopper Jump and Tug Of War) within a responsive, branded Facebook
game, which was located on the Sudocrem Facebook page. A new game was launched every 2 weeks for
the period of the campaign, ensuring buzz was retained for the period. After every play, users were
presented an instant win opportunity, if successful in completing each challenge.

Designed to appeal to a wider ‘young’ family audience (not just those with babies), the campaign aligned
perfectly with the timing of the inaugural sports days being held up and down the country’s nurseries
through to secondary schools – this made it absolutely relevant to mums (the key target demographic).
The running dates were 9th June – 20th July.

Along with hundreds of tangible prizes, there were also thousands of exclusive discount vouchers
distributed for Sudocrem products as prizes throughout the competition period, strategically introduced to
drive social commerce.

Results summary:

Total campaign reach (Facebook & Twitter): 19,036,664
Total number of vouchers won: 14,715
Number of tweets for #SudocremSummerSportsDay: 14,429
Total number of reach driven from online PR: 19,456,100
Total Plays: 92,804
Time played: 174,904 minutes played
Average play: 129 seconds
App bounce rate: 0.35%

Strategically, the gamification offered within the app was designed to appeal to the target audience of
mums (in the main); research from Babycentre consistently shows that working and stay and home
mums frequently escape into the world of online games (social media and smartphone app led). A
previous study with Harris Interactive found that 68% of mums found time to play online games. In the
USA 45 percent of mums say that playing fun, casual online games make them happier and feel
smarter. And Facebook games seem to be the favourite among women with children. Twice as many
mums play Facebook games than games on their mobile phone or tablet, the study reported (2014).
Now consider that 69% of Facebook users in the UK (2015 figures) interact with company pages to
specifically receive offers and enter competitions, both elements being addressed within the Sudocrem
Summer Sports Day app.

There are 4.1 million UK mums on Facebook, with 88% of them logging in daily – this makes for a
highly engaged audience, as well as a valuable one when you consider they on average have 1.15x
more friends than other UK women.


Social Buzz Award

Project featured: on 20th October 2016

Sudocrem Summer Sports Day Facebook Campaign