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The Nappy Rash Gremlins are coming to ruin Christmas and we’re leaving it up to our highly skilled
Sudocrem fans to #SaveChristmas!

In a mobile friendly, interactive Facebook game, users had to tackle the Nappy Rash Gremlins who were
coming to ruin Christmas. Parachuting from the sky, the challenge was to stop them landing on the
rooftops and getting down the chimneys. If users score 40 points in the 60 second time limit, they were
given the chance to win an instant prize.

Through a range of unique brand collaborations, prizes included Amazon Kindle Fires and Amazon
vouchers, plus prizes from loved brands such as Miffy, Milton, Aquabeads and many, many more.
There were also tens of thousands of exclusive discount vouchers to be won throughout the competition
period, strategically introduced to drive social commerce.
Results summary:

Our 'Save Christmas with Sudocrem' Facebook gamification campaign was an epic hit smashing all KPIs
including; reach, engagement, entries, amount of plays and most importantly, drove extensive social
commerce through coupon distribution. Worth noting is that we were also featured as one of The Drum’s
creative Christmas campaigns of 2015.

Total campaign reach (Facebook & Twitter): 17,097,501
Total number of vouchers won: 11,795
Number of tweets for #SaveChristmas: 10,686
Total number of reach driven from online PR: 17,210,000
Total Plays: 105,032
Time played: 269,582 minutes played = 4,493 hours played = 187 days of gameplay
Average play: 154 seconds
App bounce rate: 1.84%


Social Buzz Award

Sudocrem Saves Christmas Facebook Campaign