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Cribbound aims to be the SkyScanner of remote working, becoming the UK’s number one site for remote work opportunities. The site and app provides a new tool that brings users hundreds of options from multiple job providers, allowing them to review, save and apply for numerous positions all in one place. The platform partners with multiple job site APIs, specifically filtering 'work from home’ and ‘remote work' positions. The perfect response to a global shift in working habits in the wake of the pandemic. Cribbound required a vibrant and cutting edge brand identity which would enable them to launch into this space with impact.⁠⁠

Cribbound wanted to be a challenger in their sector, changing perceptions of how a typically boring and straight edged business can operate. Directed toward a Millennial and Get Z demographic, ORCA created a progressive and fashionable brand aesthetic, which championed the user experience. We wanted to create a platform that users would feel proud to be a part of, like being invited into an exclusive club for remote working opportunities. The vibrant colour palette, bold sans serif typography and lifestyle imagery all make for an engaging and memorable experience. The playful shapes used throughout the brand exude attitude and double up as unique content boundaries and iconography.⁠

“The team at ORCA, were true professionals. I have recommended them to other business owners, as their work is truly unique. They are great listeners and worked well with us to pick our brains to create a brand that we believe has given us a fantastic chance to compete in a large world of business. ORCA gave us a brand that will disturb, which we will forever be grateful for. Top Team, Top communication and we will be using them again to continue enhancing our brand for the future.”



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