Cannes Lions 2016: Finding the secrets with Nick Turner

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Out on the sunny deck of Hotel Le Canberra, Michael Tomes finally met Nick Turner, CCO of Razorfish & Sapient, who has been on our radar for quite awhile. He’s very seriously in Cannes this year to hunt for amazing new talent and use the festival as an industry benchmark for his team. He’s looking for the little secret piece of work that has slipped through the cracks on all the contender lists this year. 

The challenges we face is really understanding the customer and knowing what the business transformation really is.

Most CCOs stick to one agency rather than split their time between two so it was interesting to hear how they are bringing both of them together for the client, and how they really give them what they want. He also gives us insight on why the case study really matters, his top tips for this year, and some of his favourite campaigns from the past year. 


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