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Centtrip is one of the UK’s fastest growing fintech brands which helps “global travelling circus” businesses to manage their complex expenditure with pre-pay cards, an app, and detailed management information. We launched the ‘Always On The Money' campaign across social media, email and the web to generate new leads going up significantly vs target.

Socially-driven lead generation with vertically targeted creative:

By speaking to the prospects (primarily via LinkedIn) in a manner that showed how Centtrip solved their specific problems, we generated quality leads for the sales team to convert.

Taking “Always on the Money” directly to the prospects:

Handpicked prospects were included in an email campaign to get conversations started. By showing a deep empathy with specific businesses’ pressure points, Centtrip can demonstrate its unique capabilities.

Completing the customer journey:

Dedicated campaign landing pages on the Centtrip website engage with the new leads and enable high conversion rates to sales conversations.

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Date published: 24 August 2020 2020-08-24T18:36:32+0100


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Always on the money campaign for Centtrip