Liberty Dakin Freelance Senior Producer


MOSI commissioned Kin to design their new digital Revolution Manchester Gallery – a 20,000 sq ft space inside a Grade 1 listed warehouse on their main site in Manchester. The main challenge was to make their unique content relevant and engaging to an audience of young, old, novice and expert alike. The new gallery consists of 9 different interactive exhibits, and 15 motion graphic pieces, located in 6 zones around the gallery. The range of interactive exhibits includes a 50 screen interactive video wall, voxpop interactives (where visitor’s messages are recorded and go on to the video wall), 2 iPad apps and various touch screen games and interactives. So that the gallery experience has a personal touch and lives on beyond the physical gallery itself, visitors can register, have their photo taken, leave a vox pop video and then go on to activate all the interactives in the gallery. Once registered a personal barcode ticket will recognise them by name and a personal “digital scrapbook” is then compiled from their visit on the Revolution Manchester website, which can be accessed by their personal bar code number online. I was the Senior PM for this project, from inception to install, covering all the interactives, motion graphic pieces and physical graphics. I managed a team of 12 in-house (designers, coders, graphic designers, animators) as well as commissioned sound designers, and also looked after the client handling.


  • Museum of Science and industry ManchesterClient

Revolution Manchester Gallery – Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)