Liberty Dakin Freelance Senior Producer


ITV wanted a range of branding and experiential installations for their new Coronation St studio and new offices at Media City in Manchester, to highlight and celebrate ITV's presence at Media City and showcase the new ITV branding.

I was the Senior Producer for the project and I led the production from concept, through manufacture to installation at Media City that completed in July 2014

Amongst the installations was a 16m long sculptural ribbon bench inspired by the new ITV logo made of stainless steel thats positioned in the piazza area of Media City, in front of the ITV offices. At the end of the sculpture, facing the building there is an interactive pod which houses a touch-screen. This pod allows visitors to customise the ITV logo with their choice of colours. Via this software visitors can send their colour design to the two 5m high LED ITV logo's on the top of the building in front of them. The LED logos instantly change to the visitors colour choices. Visitors can also post their customised ITV logo to their Facebook page and tweet it, all directly from the touch screen of the pod. We also installed a range of large scale graphics, and other signage around the studio and offices as part of the wider branding programme.


ITV, Media City, Manchester- Interactive Logos and sculptural seating