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Welcome to La'Chele's Creative Pool Career Profile page. La'Chele is a Writer, Film Producer, Editor and Online Content Creator. "I fell in love with film after my mother bought me the Winnie The Pooh View-Master with Film Projector. I was just 7-years-old. Those slides meant everything. It was a magical inspiration for me at such a young age." is how she describes her passion for film and where her inspiration comes from.

After graduating with her high school diploma, La'Chele I enrolled at Full Sail University to study Creative Writing for Entertainment but I wanted to challenge myself so I changed my major to Digital Cinematography. Learning the flip side of how movies are really made and what goes into it all is overwhelming, to say the least. It's been a tough road getting started while juggling home and staying completely focused on my education and career.

"Resilient, strong-willed, and ambitious would be how my friends and family describe me. Stress drives me harder and I'm known for being a complex character because I think a lot and I think outside the box. I call it career driven, full of passion for the arts and a need for creating something fantastic for everyone."

Feel free to browse through the website and find out a bit more about La'Chele. You'll get to see some of her work and you will be able to leave nice and friendly comments. You will also be able to reach La'Chele at the provided email addresses on the contact page. I hope you enjoyed La'Chele

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