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This case study highlights how the Icelandic online mattress company, Eyri Iceland, sought to branch out to the U.S. In a market where everyone is essentially selling the same product and conveying the same message – “the best mattress ever” – there was a dire need for a different and more outlandish messaging that would separate Eyri Iceland from its competitors.

The main objective for this campaign was to raise awareness of the brand, steal the attention of curious people in the market from already established online mattress companies and ultimately generate traffic to the Eyri online store.

Since mattresses are not replaced as frequently as most other products, Eyri Iceland tapped into other possible reasons one may need to swap out their old mattress for a new one. The company discovered that in an age of swipe left and swipe right relationships, divorce is pretty real amongst their demographic. The bedroom and in fact the bed is the battleground for this new reality in relationships and when they end and someone moves out, a new mattress tends to be one of the first things to sort when starting a new life. Tapping into this sweet spot, Eyri Iceland positioned itself as the ones who will provide support during these difficult times. Firm, orthopedic support to be exact.


Eyri Iceland unleashed an unconventional campaign, by targeting the recently divorced. OOH in Brooklyn, New York featured divorce attorney extraordinaire, Robert G. Smith, causally sitting atop of an Eyri Iceland mattress. This campaign explores the idea that after a messy breakup, a good mattress is the second most important thing to have upon securing a top notch lawyer.

Along with OOH in Brooklyn, a micro-site was created with an AI chat-bot to simulate pointless conversations with your ex, a social media outreach with the hashtag #fortherestofyourlife, a presence on Tinder for the recently single and a running promo offering 50% off mattresses, because if you’re going to give up half then so should Eyri.

This campaign aimed to not only make the audience laugh but also trigger their interest to check out the Eyri online store. It helped to keep Eyri Iceland top of mind during the consideration phase of buying a mattress.

Mattress blogging is a world of its own and is largely dominated by better known brands such as Casper or Endy. Thanks to this campaign, Eyri Iceland managed to break through and garnered positive reviews from bloggers such as Mattress Junkie, TopDown Reviews, The Sleep Sherpa, and MDMC Style.

The campaign itself was highlighted in publications such as AdLand, Stylus, The Drum, and Stimulant Online.

Client: Eyri Iceland Mattress
Advertising Agency: LP/AD, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Alex Shifrin
Art Directors: Erin Rodness, Sergey Skrebnev
Copywriter: Rinita Barua
Photographer: Paul Eng
Strategic Planner: Sasha Zaprudska

Date created: July 2017 2017-07-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 17 January 2018 2018-01-17T21:30:54+0000


  • Stefan WathneClient
  • Erin RodnessArt Directors
  • Paul EngPhotographer
  • Rinita BaruaCopywriter
  • Sasha ZaprudskaStrategic Planner
  • * LP/AD
  • * Alex ShifrinPresident
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Why a Mattress Company Partnered with a Divorce Lawyer.

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