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Embracing a new brand identity as bold, playful, and out of character for a typical tech company is a risk. So, when we were tasked with providing a brand refresh for Vindicia, a subscription management company, we didn’t expect the client to choose our “wild card” option that would make them truly stand out from the competition.

Vindicia’s customer base consists of both new and established businesses, both of which are in the throes of heavy transformation. Therefore, the key challenge was to position Vindicia as a partner that is able to reinvent itself in an ever-changing industry, allowing its clients to innovate with ease.

Since Vindicia has recently been acquired by Amdocs, another challenge was to show the connection to the parent brand while maintaining the company’s individuality. Ultimately, the refresh had to grow the interest in the brand and bring in more leads into the pipeline.


The identity and language were meant to be built on three main pillars: insight, success and joy. This usually complex industry needed to feel simple. We wanted to show customers that they can increase their revenue with Vindicia. Therefore, we introduced a family of creatures that represent each of Vindicia’s product offerings and together bring life to the new company tagline: monster revenue.

The updated identity is bright, confident and fun. The logo, colours, and typeface all work together to convey the message through the revamped website and collateral. By introducing the creatures to the creative campaigns, we helped to make them a symbol of the brand.

The new logo comes in both a stacked version and a regular horizontal version, equipped with the text, “an Amdocs company”. The rules were provided for when and where to use either of the logo versions, and when it was necessary to note that Vindicia was an Amdocs company.


While some subscription management companies incorporated fun and quirky messaging, they still stuck to a simplistic visual branding that is in line with others in the market. With Vindicia, we wanted to go a step further and welcome fun and quirky visual identity that works well with casual but informative messaging. This was a bold move for a brand that lives in a traditionally vanilla B2B space.

The new look and logo helped Vindicia to re-embrace their identity in the midst of an acquisition and revamped their image among the customers.

The most notable achievement from the rebrand was that the new visual identity and communication style helped to grow Vindicia’s sales pipeline by 400% in 3 months.


  • Kareen ShamshikhClient
  • Kevin CancillaClient
  • Erin RodnessCreative Director
  • Krishna ShenoyUI/UX Designer
  • Mahdi GadAccount Manager
  • Rin BaruaCopywriter
  • Sasha ZaprudskaPlanner
  • Sergey SkrebnevWeb Developer
  • Vanessa GelsoUI/UX Designer
  • * LP/AD
  • * Alex ShifrinPlanner
  • * Matt HoffmanDigital Planner
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Vindicia Сhooses a Wild Card


Working with LPAD on this project was an absolute pleasure. The level of creativity and freshness they brought to the table was unmatched. We had the difficult task of bringing life and energy to a B2B SaaS brand while also getting our corporate value across to potential customers -- And LP/AD helped us do just that! Our new, playful brand allows us to stand apart from our competitors and bring life and energy to a traditionally mundane industry.

* Kareen Shamshikh
Client at Vindicia
24 Mar 2020