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The objective was to launch a new proactive care multivitamin brand for cannabis users in time for the legalization of cannabis in Canada. We needed to separate this multivitamin brand from other regular supplements already on market. Due to the legally restricted nature of this category, there were many challenges to overcome and this essentially was a learn as you go type assignment. One of the most important challenges was to pivot the conversation about the highs in order to insert conversation about the lows after cannabis use. After finally reaching legalization in Canada, cannabis users are careful to not focus the conversation on the potential after-effects. It was important to send the message that we aren't knocking cannabis, but rather supporting it. This made the branding and communication process a fun and ambitious project. We were able to take two difficult categories, nutraceuticals due to trust issues and cannabis due to heavy regulation, and found a way to learn from cosmetics & sport accessories to sell the story rather than battle uphill with stigma and regulation. We wanted something that people didn’t hide in their medicine cabinets. We wanted this product to be one that people would leave lying around their coffee tables. We arrived at positioning LIVLI as a friendly helping hand that helps you during your highs and your lows by making sure your cannabis experience is a healthy one before, during, and after consumption. The main target being both seasoned cannabis users as well as new health conscious users who are interested in trying cannabis.

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LIVLI lights up the cannabis space.