Kate Logan Art Director


Art Director
Channel Four, November 2016

Responsible for developing and executing creative concepts for a new fun pilot comedy sketch, Pop Sludge. Regularly liaised with the production team to ensure the best creative solutions are realised, implemented and delivered.

In this role I was in charge of expressing my artistic vision.

Worked closely with directors, producer and teams of creative designers to develop and execute artistic vision of the project
Developed and framed creative plans for the scrip
Communicated design visions and rationale clearly to clients and design teams.
Managed to enable savings of 30% while sourcing props and materials without compromising the visual appearance of the show
Managed and directed filming on time and to the budget.
Involved in developing artistic ideas and stunts with the director while ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations
Mentored junior staff in project development and performance management


Pop Sludge