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pixl-latr was born from a desire to simplify the process of digitising film with a digital camera.

An effective solution for holding your film and diffusing a backlight for digitisation with a digital camera. An app like FilmLab for color negative, black and white negative, and color positive can facilitate this.

In the summer of 2018, pixl-latr smashed its target on Kickstarter raising £66,933 pledged of a £9,840 goal. As a result, funds were made available for Jam Sandwich develop the product to the next level.

Jam Sandwich took the initial design:
•Re designed with added new features
•Designed for manufacture
•Reduced part costs
•Produced 3D Cad
•RP test models
•Created the tooling drawings
•Helped with final manufacture

pixl-latr hit the market in March of 2020 with just over 2000 pixl-latr being delivered to very patient kickstarter backers and those who placed pre-orders on the website.


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Pixl-latr film holder


Clive's ability to understand the problem I was asking him to solve really impressed me. I have worked with a few product designers in the past, many very competent, but none that gave me the immediate sense of confidence Clive did. Not only did he come back with a design that ticked all my boxes, it even solved problems I hadn't even considered. pixl-latr has gone on to be a very successful product and is now stocked by distributors and retailers across the globe with many users complimenting its ingenuity and simplicity. Clive was a big part of making this success a reality.

* Hamish Gill
Founder at It's Appened / pixl-latr
26 May 2021