Create an Award-Winning Image: JJ Foundation Photography Competition for Young People

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Mastering photography is a long process. It can be difficult to know where to begin, what to start taking photographs of and how to express your ideas in the best way. We spoke to one of our JJ Foundation Photography Competition Judges, Johnny Jones (Chairman, JJ Media Group), to discover what he is looking for in an award-winning image. So if you are an aspiring shutterbug with an artistic eye, whether your camera cost a few pennies or a few grand, read the five essential points below and get snapping!

Here are Johnny Jones’s (Chairman, JJ Media Group) top five tips for creating an award-winning photograph:

1. Technical quality is important, but the content more so. Better to capture the moment on anything (ie Phone) rather than not at all.


‘Coffee Lights’ by Charlie Curran (Age 17). Shot on his Motorola Moto G5 Plus

2. Take pictures that inspire you. If the judges are inspired also, you’re on to a winner!


‘Man in Tunnel’ by Evie McGill (Age 13)

3. Create imagery that would not look out of place in an art gallery.


A shortlisted entry from last year by George Parsons (Age 17)

4. Photograph objects, places or people in a perspective that others may not have viewed it before. Dare to be different.


Shot by Kira Krasz (Age 22). First place in the Street Photography Category

5. A 1st prize image should be creative, original & artistic, and compel me to want to know more about the photographer, the subject and the thought process behind it.


Overall First Prize, ‘Men Do Cry’ by Robert Spicer (Age 17)

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