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The Challenge

Create a holistically integrated place brand for Moda’s first development, Angel Gardens, and activate the brand across all consumer and investor touchpoints.

Making It Happen

Defining and refining the Angel Gardens place brand, we not only reflected the integrity of the Moda masterbrand, but also brought in cultural nods to Manchester’s rich history and site particulars. With a full brand definition from look to voice, we gave Angel Gardens a unique and evocative identity.

We then executed it along every touchpoint in the launch strategy, both physical and digital. Brochures were created alongside a social and media strategy to generate interest. While SEO-optimisation allowed potential residents to discover more and register their interest.

Photorealistic 3D renders of the apartments and facilities, as well as a VR experience, created an immersive experience for consumers – raising the bar of development advertising.


• 171% increased monthly traffic to the website

• 6,000 new users visiting the site every month

• 10% PPC click through rate

• 376 enquiries per month


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Moda Living - Bringing the Moda Way to life for Manchester