Indigo Award is excited to announce third annual awards ceremony in the heart of Bangkok

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For the past two years, Indigo Award has brought global talent to top-notch locations around the world so that our honorees could accept their hard-earned awards in style.

This year, the venue does not disappoint as the participants of our upcoming 2020 ceremony will collaborate in Bangkok, Thailand— a cultural epicenter for travelers, food enthusiasts, the spiritually enlightened and lovers of art and architecture. From its picturesque beaches to ancient temples, this Venice of the East has got something for everyone. 

2018 kicked off Indigo's first-ever event, a memorable gala held in the sparkling epicenter of Tokyo. Davide Colla, CEO and founder of 150UP, discusses his experience in taking home the award for Website Design of the Year.

“Bringing home the first award in a prestigious international competition was an honor that inspired us to look beyond and start a new journey – made of bigger ideas, major inspirations, and outstanding works,” he says. 

Last year, Indigo stepped up their game and threw a party in Costa-del-Sol Spain, a Mediterranean beach town famed for its marble boulevards and castle fortress lining the sea. It was here that the city center’s iconic Picasso Museum welcomed 110 winners from all over the world.

A panel of 32 jury members have made timeless contributions to the realm of digital design. The panel included product designers, engineers, creative directors, type designers, art designers, and others, all dedicated to choosing the year’s most notable works. 

Now, the City of Angels will live up to its name as the participants in 2020 can accept their awards for one of Indigo’s newest, and most philanthropic categories—Design for Social Change.

Through this category, we say thanks to those who are committed to making a difference in the world through design, whether it be through cancer research or bringing awareness to refugees.

Other esteemed awards such as Best Games Design, Mobile Design, and Discovery of the Year are waiting for your acceptance.

Join us for our third event as we make 2020 a year to remember. Our venue will be rich in history and cultural significance—stay tuned for our location announcement coming soon!  


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