What does it take to build an award winning in-house creative team? 

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During our first virtual event of the year, we explored what it really takes to build and run an effective, successful and indeed award winning in-house creative team. 

Our expert panel from PwC, Design 102 and the British Council came together to share their unique insights and personal journeys. From that came a whole host of amazingly helpful top tips that we really felt we ought to share with our in-house creative community. 

In this post, I’ve gathered 7 top tips that may provide insightful.

In summary and in no particular order, this is what our experts had to share….


  • Understand and know your own limitations. You can’t do it all yourself so you have to bring others on the journey. This also in turn helps to develop talent within your team


  • Be clear on what you can deliver as an in-house creative team


  • PR your in-house creative team internally. Ensure the business knows what service you provide!


  • Find advocates and champions for your work who can in turn help communicate and support what you do


  • Know your resources and know what’s available to you: For example, if you know what’s in your image bank you will be able to respond with speed


  • Keep pace and be aware of developments and new tech capabilities that could enhance your work


  • Stay curious and explore what others are doingremain relevant and keep looking!


To hear more from these award winning brands and to view some of their amazing work, tune into the event recording here  


More about our expert panellists:

James Basset, Head of Creative Centre of Excellence, PwC

James leads the PwC UK Creative Centre of Excellence. James's team is a key part of PwC's Sales and Marketing capability and is responsible for PwC's Design, Events and Research needs. James has over thirteen years’ experience working in and leading inhouse design teams in the professional services industry. James is no stranger to the Inside Out Awards winning the converted Leaders and Champions award in 2019.

Peter Rainey, Managing Director, Design 102 

Peter is an experienced senior leader and marketing and communication professional with B2B, B2C, private sector and public sector experience. Peter established and leads Design102, the Government Communication Service (GCS) creative design service, which acts as an in-house agency delivering creative design, video and animation work for clients across the public sector. Peter also won the Inside Out Leaders and Mentors award 2020

Leo Bowyer, Graphic Designer, Design 102

Winner of the Inside Out Rising Star Award, Leo is a real creative thinker who encourages us all to think differently. In fact, he developed the carefully considered concept behind the Stillbirths Consultation animation.

Tony Bains, Head of Creative, British Council 

Tony has been working with the in-house brand and design team at the British Council for several years. In that time, he has worked on numerous publications to be used by the organisation worldwide.

Isaac Alison, Creative Studio Manager, British Council

Isaac is an experienced creative with over 20 years' experience and expertise in the creative industry. He has held several senior roles within creative agencies and in-house teams working with an eclectic range of clients. In his current role Isaac worked closely with Head of Creative, Tony Bains, and the internal design team to deliver the award-winning global re-brand of the British Council.








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