8 top tips to help you build a stella in- house creative team

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There is no set formula to building a stella in-house creative team. If there was we would share it with you. What we can share however are 8 top tips to help you on your way. These insights come curtesy of our recent panel of in-house creative team leaders who generously shared their unique insights with us during our last two virtual events. 

In no particular order, their top tips are.

Fully immerse yourself in the brand. Be interactive and proactive, understand the business, who’s in it and how you fit into it. Understand it’s audience, customers and community. 

Ensure your team has a shared sense of mission and belief. Be excited and passionate about what you are doing, work collaboratively, listen effectively and support each other. 

Understand the brief. Never get stuck into something you don’t fully understand. You are never going to curate the right solution for something unless you really understand what the problem is. Work with your marketing team and brand team to unpick what the problem is first and foremost before you get stared. You will be much more successful in the long run. 

Don’t argue the ‘what’. Working in-house means that we are all working for the same brand, wanting to hit the same aspirations. So, trust your internal teams. If they want a 10 second video, concentrate on the how you are going to deliver it. 

Don’t be scared to fail. Don’t go for the default choice. Rethink and assess if you can approach something differently. Try things that are weird,  push the boundaries, have fun and celebrate being brave. 

Nurture talent. You are powered by the team around you so it’s important to listen and understand their needs. Be empathetic, look after them and if they can’t do something then teach them. 

Hire great people, people that are better than you. If you have trust in your team and you can let go, they will create brilliant work.

Don’t recreate the agency culture. Take the best bits from what you have learned and where you have been and co-create something new. 

A big thank you to our contributors.

Ashley Wilson, Head of Campaign and Creative, Gymshark, Paola Bersi, Program Lead ,Creative X, Facebook, Julia Arenson, Head of Creative Operations, The Agency, Specsavers, Joshua Read, Senior Designer, Savills, Stuart Ross-Sheeran, Pentland Brands and Sam Jacobs, Oliver / The Guardian

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