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Blood, Sweat and Ideas is an anthology documenting 20 years of Williams Murray Hamm’s (WMH) hard graft and dedication in the creative industry. The book covers each year since the studio was founded, with a spread covering the events of that year, setting the company’s favourite work in its social, cultural and business context. There are contributions from the wider creative industry. Friends and influencers talk about what inspired them and brought them into the industry, talking about the importance of ‘the idea’ and the hard work that goes into it. Having written, designed and produced the book, WMH wanted to invite its peers and contributors to share its labour of love at the launch.

To capture the creative and marketing industry’s eye, by communicating how ‘the idea’ is the lifeblood of great work.

The book’s full bleed red cover became, quite literally, full bleed. The poster turns the book into a blood bag. Bold and immediate, it communicates urgency, whilst also integrating the functional information on the launch event in the bag’s label.

Having written, designed and produced ‘Blood Sweat & Ideas’, WMH wanted to invite its peers and contributors to share its labour of love at the launch. This poster was an opportunity to introduce the book to the world and invite people to celebrate the event with us.

Taking inspiration from real blood bags, the poster has its very own medically typeset and written information label. The label holds the key information about the launch and, in true spirit, is applied by hand onto the poster.

The first production run of the book was for 250 units, 100 of which were used primarily for new business purposes and were given away to higher education institutions. WMH mailed the poster in April 2019, inviting people to the book’s launch. Following the launch, the ISBN number and barcode will allow for the book to be sold to the public.


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