Cisco Live - A brand experience that allowed the target audience to imagine and elevate what is possible with Cisco's latest technology.

In 2019, Cisco advanced a new era of technologies that constantly learn, adapt, and protect. Built around the Cisco DNA architecture, it’s a network designed to be intuitive - a game-changer for businesses. Cisco Live has an important role to play in bringing it to life for priority audiences.

In order to make that goal a reality, Cisco challenged us to create interactive experiences that would allow attendees to explore the possibility that Cisco provides, and to imagine and elevate their vision of what’s possible with the right Cisco technology.

Cisco set us the following objectives:
- To actively communicate the latest advancements from Cisco (which benchmark the category)
- Promote its thought leadership to the market (which set the agenda)
- Educate and inspire advocates of their products to accelerate sales (which ensures commercial leadership and grows revenues).

To introduce a new area - ‘The Playground’. A vibrant experiential space that would harness the power of imagination to help visitors problem solve and learn. We used technology innovations and a customer-centric approach to create an experience that took attendees on a journey allowing them to imagine ‘The Network. Intuitive’, delivering moments throughout the event that would have a lasting impact.

‘The Playground’ was a place where people could explore the technology in-depth and reignite a sense of childlike wonder. Each ‘imagine’ experience was designed to convey Cisco stories in a revelatory way:

Imagine innovative ways of learning. The City of Drones allowed people to explore the world from above. Participants learnt to block code by completing drone missions based on Cisco’s work with automated drones in Dubai. Teams were forged, challenges were mastered, and imaginations were captured.

Imagine the impact of digital transformation. The Domino’s x Cisco challenge involved matching Cisco Services to their correct functions in the fastest time possible. In this tactile experience, we showcased how Cisco supports Domino’s digital transformation and ensures your pizza gets delivered.

Imagine technology that teaches itself. Cisco facial recognition technology learns from each person it encounters. Our digital team prototyped and created an activation that showcased the power of this tool, and how it could be used. We collaborated with Cisco to create a mural of every participant’s photo.

Imagine making a difference. Making a difference can be as simple as a skateboard. That’s why we asked attendees to help us customise 150 skateboards which created an installation during the event to promote three local children’s charities in Barcelona. The skateboards were donated to the charities post-event, to be used by children to connect with others and learn new skills.

We generated huge sales pipeline momentum with 81% of attendees saying they were likely to purchase Cisco products after attending and 32% saying they were likely to make a purchase sooner. 42% of attendees said they were interested in a product they were not aware of before.

The Playground generated amazing engagement levels. 870 attendees took part in the Facial Recognition activation. By turning a demo into an engaging interactive experience, we doubled the number of faces captured by Cisco’s Webex team for test data compared with previous events. The City of Drones saw four teams made up of 1,070 attendees from over 64 nationalities play, with 231 playing more than once. The Domino’s Challenge saw 436 attendees play for an average of 1 minute 26 seconds. All of this contributed to an uplift in agreement with key messaging.


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Cisco Live - Imagine Intuitive