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In November 2016 Jaguar announced their concept launch of the I-Pace, Jaguar’s first electric car that will hit showrooms by late 2018. Foxtrot Papa produced the press pack for the launch, amongst other assets, but our outdoor photography is the hero here.
Our client’s objectives for the full suite of assets was to drive demand for the car pre-showroom launch in 2018, and build the Jaguar Brand – strengthening its positioning as cool, innovative and tech-forward brand and mark a key milestone in Jaguar’s electrification strategy. Electrification of cars has been, and will continue to be, massive news in the automotive sector and we’re thrilled to be part of Jaguar’s journey in this space.
We were briefed by head designer at Jaguar; Ian Callum. His vision was that the car came down from outer space. We wanted to portray the car as ‘other worldly’; a vision that would appeal to tech-interested consumers for future purchases. He spoke of it as "the car that fell to earth", something that was positively shocking and mystical. Our design and photography concept was born.

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