For Every Coast documents Milas’s journey as a musician and composer, focusing thematically on displacement and loneliness. Having settled in different cities around the world, he felt it should reflect a sense of isolation that he’d felt in each city, focusing on the fact that this forced him to collaborate remotely with friends and musicians across the globe; something that is becoming increasingly more prevalent.

The title track, explores the warmth of a relationship and the coldness of distance. The video follows Milas wondering through an abandoned house and fields in a hazmat suit. “Something unspoken has happened” he explains. “I really liked the idea of singing such a fragile and intimate song from behind glass. We made this video in 2019, long before the COVID pandemic. Obviously the imagery now has a very real connection to our lives in 2020. It’s a strange feeling. We hope it brings you some light”.


  • Jackson MilasClient
  • Andy RobertsonGaffer
  • Anna FawcettExecutive Producer
  • Jess CampbellProducer
  • Karla MilatArt Director
  • Scott WhiteGrip
  • Tommy AustinAC
  • * Louis EnglishDirector | Cinematographer | Editor | Colourist
Project featured: on 1st March 2023

For Every Coast