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Transforming Alba from dusty and irrelevant to bright and desirable, and relevant to a whole new generation of consumers.

The challenge
Alba is a brand with a strong heritage in radio and TV technology, one that everyone over a certain age remembers from childhood, but it had become dusty and irrelevant. Our brief was to refresh Alba to create an attractive first tech brand that appeals to kids and parents, without alienating other consumers.

The insight
Kids are engaging with technology as part of everyday life from a very early age. Immersing ourselves in the lifestyle of kids and tweens revealed a world that is colourful, bold, expressive and confident; all qualities that fed into the creation of a vibrant new brand.

The tablet has become a core part of day-to-day family life, as every parent fed up of their kids stealing their iPad will know. We’ve created an identity that speaks to the key technology ‘wants’ for both audiences by communicating a bold tech attitude alongside carefully pitched price messaging, delivered in a clean and impactful way.

Alba is sold exclusively in Argos – a UK store where you choose products instore from a catalogue or online.There is no physical packaging on shelf, we used this opportunity to build and reinforce the brand rather than the product which has already been chosen.

The impact
“Elmwood’s refreshing new work builds on the existing approachability and trust around the Alba brand, but gives an edgy, bold look that is eye-catching and we’re confident will push the reappraisal we are after from new customer groups.”
Alastair Chalmers | Senior Brand Manager, Alba

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