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The challenge
In 2014, 62 million tonnes of raw sewage polluted the tidal River Thames in London. In fact, we’re still relying on the engineering brillance of Sir Jospeh Bazalgette and his sewers from 150 years ago.
To upgrade this Victorian sewerage network and stop it overspilling into the river, over £4.2bn is being invested in a new state of the art sewer tunnel that spans 25km beneath the city of London.

The team behind this innovation had done extensive engagement with communities, staff and businesses and had a clear vision to ‘reconnect London with the Thames. What they needed was a strong brand identity that would help them deliver on this, that could span across everything from marketing merchandise to machinery.

The insight
‘Imagineering and engineering’ perfectly embodies the duality of this epic new build – On the one hand, the sewer is a huge engineering feat with fantastic practical and ecological benefits. And on the other, it opens up a world of limitless possibilities that emotionally reconnect Londoners with their river.

Our brand marque and associated illustrations reflect both the engineering story beneath the surface, and equally the potential of what can happen above it.

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