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The challenge
When it comes to education supplies and resources, Eastpoint really knows its stuff. The trade-only specialists offer everything from pens and staplers, to desks and revision guides. However, it had the ambition to ultimately become a global household name in facilitating inspiring educational experiences.

Eastpoint had an improved NPD pipeline and the desire to build direct relationships with teachers, parents and students, but needed a new brand to take them to the top of the class.

The insight
While Eastpoint had years of experience dealing with educational supplies and materials, its new brand needed to be about more than just its expertise if it was going to become the teachers’ pet.

We did our homework, and found out that, while teachers want to make education as exciting as possible, time, budgets, and curriculums often got in their way. We helped Eastpoint to develop a unique brand positioning of the facilitator – or propeller – of teachers’ expertise.

With their new brand, Eastpoint wanted to help teachers bring their lessons to life, and make the most of their own, and their students’ talents.

To support this goal, we gave the brand a catchy, memorable name that stood as a metaphor for the brand’s offering. With the support of Propeller, teachers can help students get ahead, and reach new learning experiences.

The people behind Propeller are a hive of thought-provoking minds that want to bring the very best, exciting educational support to all teachers and students. So we introduced the strap-line ‘take learning further’ to reinforce this belief.

Alongside the Propeller symbol we have introduced a ‘10 degree’ angle to really emphasise the positive drive that Eastpoint has to unleash young minds and create forward thinking tools.

From a vibrant, uplifting colour palette, to the fun, personable typography, every element of the brand was designed to ‘support and unleash an exciting learning experience’.

Alongside developing the brand’s name, we crafted a suite of clear icons that allowed teachers to easily navigate around the brand’s offering.

The impact
The Propeller team has truly embraced the new brand, with the new identity launching at The Education Show in Birmingham to a crowd of 10,000 education specialists across the world. Feedback from both adults and children was great, and teachers are feeling confident that they can meet the objectives of the National Curriculum as well as provide fun, and engaging activities for their children.

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