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What needed doing

Andrex is a top 10 grocery brand. But, like many other leading brands, Andrex relied heavily on price promotions to drive sales. Brand owner Kimberly-Clark wanted to find a way to re-connect with customers and inspire them to buy Andrex for its quality and value – not just for its price.

Our brief was to redesign Andrex’s core white and premium added benefit ranges to emotionally engage with consumers and communicate why the brand was worth paying a little bit more for.

How we went about it

Andrex white toilet roll is a classic, so we reinforced its iconic nature with confident, single-minded branding. To put some love in the pack, we brought the Andrex puppy centre stage. From the shelf, his gorgeous puppy eyes make an irresistible ‘take me home’ plea to customers.

All design elements were crafted to convey Andrex’s softness and quality, from the vignetted colour to the gentle curve of 
the puppy’s head. Matte ink gives the pack a softer feel when handled, embodying the “soft, strong and very long” reason to believe. Personality in 
the language e.g. ‘9 famously soft rolls’ – further differentiate Andrex from own label.

In the premium range, we changed the visual and verbal presentation of the portfolio. A clear and consistent pack architecture and benefit-led naming communicate the distinctive propositions – e.g. Skin Kind enriched with Aloe Vera, and Touch of Luxury enriched with Shea Butter. On top of the logo, we placed the puppy in various poses which, combined with the subtle use of support imagery, quality cues, colour and texture, help differentiate the range from the core.

Though a powerful move on, the design was evolutionary so existing customers weren’t alienated. Our efforts created an outstanding piece of contemporary brand design for Andrex, giving it truly iconic status. We rolled out the designs across Europe and research confirms that consumers love the end result too.

Andrex’s packaging relaunch reaped enormous benefits for the brand, making more money and successfully re-engaging with consumers once more.

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