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The Challenge
Quirky start up ANDigital builds digital products and teaches companies how to stay ahead in the digital era with on-site boot camps and classroom-style activities. Think product builder come digital Sherpa. The start-up had experienced impressive growth in just three years. But its potential was being restricted by a lack of clarity around its offering, making it harder to stand out in a fiercely competitive space.

The Insight

To get under the skin of the business, we spent an afternoon with the team writing the brand’s distinct point of view, personality, values and conflicts. What became immediately apparent were the team’s human tone of voice, and the fact they didn’t take themselves too seriously. In an industry saturated with technical jargon, this was pretty special. From software and systems, and coaching and training, to technology and products, ANDigital bridges the gap between human and tech to help its clients realise their aspirations. They put the benefits of the tech before the tech itself, putting the customer at the heart of everything they do.

The Idea
We transformed the business from the confusing and restrictive ‘ANDigital’ to ‘AND Digital’. By freeing up the AND, we created a springboard for limitless creative executions – where AND became the hero in the identity, punchy messaging and bold imagery. We championed bright colours, simple photography AND a quirky tone of voice that paid tribute to their playful personality. AND we gave them a creative concept that showcased the excitement and entrepreneurial spirit of their start-up culture.

The Impact
“By bringing the core AND Digital team into the full creation process, Elmwood has produced something really fresh and exciting that we couldn’t wait to start sharing.”

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